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Case Studies
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Inside Ragic's Support Ticket Management System

By Nadya Tan

Whenever you send us a support ticket, have you ever wondered how our Support Team manages to respond within 48 hours, juggling a multitude of inquiries ranging from system bugs to database design intricacies?

✨ Fun fact: Within the Ragic Team workflow, we rely on Ragic for practically everything, including support ticket management. This system works seamlessly to streamline our skilled customer support team's efforts, making email organization, referencing past records, and collaboration effortless.

1️⃣ Every incoming email is 1 entry created

Every incoming email is transformed into a single entry within our customer service system. This automated process captures the complete interaction history, enabling our team to swiftly review and respond to emails from various sources.

2️⃣ Assign, not forward

For efficiency, we directly assign specific tickets to colleagues with expertise in the relevant topic.

3️⃣ Efficient reference with Full-Text Search

Facing confirmations or challenging queries? Our database's Full-Text Search capability allows us to find relevant information swiftly, avoiding the need to start from scratch. Past customer service interactions stored in the database ensure future inquiries are handled with precision.

4️⃣ Reply template

Repetitive answer? Get it done with 1 click.

For those in need, we're offering this template for free, adapted from our in-house system ➡️ here

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