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FREE data management tools just for you!

Ragic provides 31 templates to meet the needs of multifarious enterpreneural data management purposes. As long as you don't customize the design, you can download as many templates as you like for FREE.

11 management facets with 31 types of application

Whichever department you're in (production, marketing, customer service, administration, project management, human resources, legal affairs, research and development, procurement, warehousing, etc.), there's always a suitable data management tools in Ragic to make your job easier!

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Manage orders in a super easy way!

We have prepared a set of forms to help you manage customer, merchandise, product pricing, and order information .
By utilizing Ragic's data linking tools, retrieving customer and product information when placing an order can be done through a click!

Zero-blockage production management flow

Data on production flow, bill of materials (BOM), work and pick orders, as well as material management are all in good hands!

A CRM that actually connects the dots

Ragic's CRM template helps you establish crystal clear relationships between client contacts, work item types, sales opportunities, contracts, and quotation records!

Project tracking made simple and flexible

Project assignment information, timetable management, and to-do lists are all included in your worksheet!

Giving you the ultimate human resource management experience-
minus the headache!

Access employees' basic information sheets, performance appraisals, overtime work and leave forms within grasp!

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