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Worried about data leakage?
Ragic's database access right control is the obvious solution!

Easily control your database access right!

As a system admin, you can grant access to certain users to view, edit, or create entries in your database.
Access control for database can be easier than ever

User Groups

Determine users' access rights according to the group(s) they belong to
Read more
User Groups

Role-Based Access Control

In addition to access rights, you can also configure the roles of each user in your database: admin, bulletin user, viewer or survey user. Read more
Role-Based Access Control

Global Access Rights Panel

Configure access rights of all the sheets in your database for different user groups. Read more
Global Access Rights Panel

Record Level Assignment

You can assign entries even to users who do not have access to the sheet (e. g. assigning "sales order" entries to the sales reps in charge even if they originally have no access to the sheet). Read more
Record Level Assignment
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