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ERP Nightmare 05: A Long Wait Adjustment

By Gina Tsao

“Sorry, would you please make these changes to our ERP system? They are extremely crucial and we need them done as soon as possible.” your colleague asked desperately.

Both of you know that there are only 2 weeks left before the new products hit the shelves. But unfortunately, the ERP system, which was supposed to manage the sales data, is still stuck with endless adjustments.

Why is this nightmare happening?

In the beginning, you may have thought that a few slight adjustments to the current ERP system would be enough to manage the new product line. This was partically correct, but you didn’t consider the long required time for system adjustments. Even worse, the adjusted ERP system may not fit your changing business model because the marketing team may alter it many times before the ERP software developers finish testing your system.

This terrible situation above was common among different users before they met Ragic.

Thankfully, those days were past. Ragic’s user-friendly design and powerful features make the adjustments of database design convenient and flexible. Every Ragic user can simply change their own database's layout, design, workflow, or even access rights easily by themselves without writing a line of code. Rather than relying on software developers’ help and spend a lot of time communicating your requirements, you can just customize your database anywhere & anytime you need. Time waits for no one, so choose a database system that can run with your business together instead of a database system that forces you to slow down.

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